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Cerebral Circus Art

Here is everything I've made for this project :3

I suppose I'll start with some of the characters I've made so far.

This is Juliette Juniper, she's sort of an audience surrogate. I also use her as my music persona. She has no mouth and yet the other characters can understand her silence as words, however she cannot see as her eyes are always shut.

Height: uhh 5'11, probably

Age: 20 something

This is Bloom? (name is work in progress) She's like a flower bird mom, I guess. she doesn't have wings instead she has little stick arms

Height: 3ft exactly

Age: 40 something, real MILF hours

This is Cloak, name might change. they're a floating fungal cap that is terrified of everything and frequently hides in their cap.

Height: I mean, floating they're like 5ft usually, on the ground they're like uhh 3'3

Age: they have been in their shell for a hundred years

This is Gelatin Rotund, he has no fucking bones. He is an absolute dumbass little baby-brained idiot. He only speaks in mixed metaphors and non sequiturs because he thinks it makes him sound smart or something.

Height: 7'7. The smaller characters often sit on top of him.

Age: a whole Bajillion years old

These are the 4 main characters and I am just now noticing a Wizard Of Oz theme happening here so um, I'm just gonna run with that idea