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Lunarin is a dark fantasy world that I've been working on with my friend Bradley, or Gizmo and some others for about 5-6 years now.

It started on his minecraft world back in May 2016 and grew into a massive elderscrolls-esque world with races, provinces, political turmoil and ancient lore.

There is a lot of stuff that I've needed to actually write down for years that's just been in the archives of my brain, so I plan on making a comprehensive lore library at some point

There's lots of concept art that I've made over the years and the actual Minecraft world that started it all has been updated throughout the years and centers around the provice of Kytonia

The main goal my friend and I have had for years is to develop this world into a game IP, but that's gonna take a lot of time and resources to do so the more immediate and more realistic plan is to start out with a TTRPG probably using the GURPs system.

Here are the links to the progress on the Minecraft Realm, the Lore Library, and the design for the TTRPG.

  • Kytonia Minecraft Realm
  • Lunarin Lore Library
  • Lunarin TTRPG